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[light]An[/light] Ideas Man

A person willing to look out for an opportunity, and follow through when an opportunity presents itself. That describes me and I recently had one of those opportunities come about.  I’m an avid archer, belonging to a large archery club in Brisbane.  The chance to buy into an archery shop came up, “I’m always buying gear and others in the club are buying gear, so why not?” I jumped in, unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances the shop wasn’t sustaining itself and I was constantly pouring money into it.  Just as I pride myself on being an ideas man, I’m also a realist, and it was time to close the doors.  This left me with an incredible amount of stock and little ways to move it.  I looked into the traditional online selling sites and there were either limitations to sell archery gear, or the price to list was highway robbery.  So I found myself with lots of stock and needed a cost effective way to sell it….



[light]An [/light] Idea is Born

Could I just do it myself? I’ve always believe that anything is possible if you have the determination & persistence, and I’ve got lots of that so the idea began to take shape. Talking with fellow archers around me helped me to see that the need is there, so as someone once said “build it and they will come”  So the idea to build my own website selling the archery gear had began.

[light]An [/light] Idea Expanded

Countless nights uploading photos, descriptions and other information was grueling, however, It gave me time to think about the site and the possibilities. As I was working away I asked myself, why limit the sales to archery gear. As my friends know I’m easily distracted and as a result I have many passions and interests. One of my great passions is bicycles, motor bike, old cars, camping, kayaking etc etc etc… 22 Trading Club was born, a site that will sell all sorts of things starting with my archery gear.

Out of the ashes of a failed idea rises the Phoenix of another – A true Ideas Man

[light]An [/light] Ideas Future

So here I am, just a guy with lots of stock to move, a need to recover some lost money, a passion for Archery, Motorbikes (and many other toys) and a willingness to help myself as well as others. The possibilities are endless so please join me on this journey. I also believe that feedback is the breakfast food of champions so I’d be very appreciative of any feedback, ideas, support or any communication at all.

Thank you for reading my little story, I’ll try and keep you posted via the blog on this site as the journey of 22 Trading Club unfolds