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Axcel Scope YCS 41


Axcel X-41 Scope Housing YCS

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Axcel X-41 Scope Housing YCS

This Axcel X-41 scope housing has the Yoke Connection which allows for a stronger, integrated mount when used with Axcel target sights.

The X-41 features Red Ring Torque Indicator. If you see Red at full draw then you are torquing your bow.
Vents in the perimeter of the scope allow ambient light to light up the pin ring.

A peep alignment ring is engraved on the scope perimeter.
The YCS rod can be removed so the scope can be used with a standard 10/32 threaded scope rod.

The outer end of the YCS barrel is threaded to accept the Axcel Reostat Sight Light.

X-41 fits 1 3/4” (43 mm) len

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Weight .073 kg
Dimensions 20 × 13 × 5 cm


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