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Beiter Push ‘n’ Pull Tool – #2 Orange


Beiter Archery

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The Beiter Push ‘n’ Pull tool is used to install, turn or exchange asymmetric or symmetric Beiter Nocks.

The Push ‘n’ Pull tool has an ergonomic styled grip and is especially useful to adjust hard moving nocks which can be turned or extracted from the shaft, without damaging the nock or shaft.

The Beiter Push ‘n’ Pull should be part of any archery tackle box, no matter if you are an archer or a coach!

Push ‘n’ Pull tools are available for all Beiter nocks, including #1 Nock for small groove in black, #2 Nock for large groove in orange and Hunter Nock in dark green.

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Dimensions 7 × 5 × 1 cm


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