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Saker 1 Finger Tab – Gold – RH Small


From FIVICS/Soma Archery in Korea and proving to be very popular

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RH • Small • Gold

From FIVICS/Soma Archery in Korea and proving to be very popular
A really good design which will help many archers to keep the back of the hand straight and reduce the urge to twist the wrist.

A much copied concept in tab design which should improve vertical alignment on the string. Contact with the face is important when anchoring and many archers would prefer this point to be the top of their thumb rather than a platform. The problem though has always been inconsistent positioning. The Soma tab has an adjustable plate to rest your thumb on so that you can set it to the right height and it also includes a rest for the small finger to help with a more accurate and even string position on the fingers stopping many archers from opening the fingers during the draw phase and letting the string slip on to the tips of the fingers.

The thumb support can also be set up as a traditional chin platform and still benefit from the other features.

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Dimensions 20 × 10 × 1 cm


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